With decades of proven reliability and performance, Eaton has a hydraulic motor to meet your needs.  With a full line of Gerotor/Geroler, Gear, Piston and Vane motors from Low Speed High Torque to High Speed, High Power, Eaton offers a wide range of solutions.


Associated Brands : Char-Lynn, Eaton, Vickers



Char-Lynn® Gerotor/Geroler Motors

      Char-Lynn® low-speed, high-torque hydraulic motors help you build a reputation for dependability. Our motors are designed and manufactured (speeds up to 2000 rpm and from 200 to 45,000 in-lbs of torque) to exceed the demanding requirements of the mobile and industrial markets. They offer options such as integrated brakes, 2 speed and speed sensors. Features: Patented VIS Geroler, Pressure balance Geroler. Benefits: Highest power density, High Efficiency. Applications: Harvesters, Augers.


Gear Motors

      Eaton offers a wide range of bi-directional gear motors. Many functions, such as valves and controls, are directly incorporated in the products in order to optimize space and costs for the system. Displacements from 0.43 in?/rev (7,0cm?/rev) to 1.94in?/rev (31,8 cm?/rev). Max. speed up to 4000 rpm. Features: A Multiple Features, Compact Size. Benefits: Wide Range of Applications, Flexibilty. Applications: Trencher chain drive, Car wash.



Piston Motors

      Eaton has a complete line of Piston motors utilizing the latest technology in bent axis and in-line designs. From 11ccm to 4100 ccm, and speeds to 5500 rpm at pressures to 6000 psi, Eaton’s selection of motors fit any application from the most demanding industrial environment to the smallest mobile machinery. Features: Large output shafts, Balanced piston design. Benefits: High torque rating, High Efficiency. Applications: Transit Mixers, Marine Thrusters.



Vane Motors

      Our vane motors are available in many displacements and are fixed displacement. Used in industrial and mobile applications, Vane motors offer compact, economical high power density solutions to most requirements. Features: Pressure Balanced, Design Modular. Benefits: Low Noise, Serviceability. Applications: Plastic Injection, MoldingConveyors.