Renewable Energy & Solar Cell is energy from sources that are naturally replenishing.
Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available, no toxic pollution and is the renewable source of power.

Solar Rooftop

Solar Farm

Solarcell Reference

Solar Rooftop

Solar rooftop is a power generation system that can be installed for residential houses, office building, factory, carpark roof, which the system will produce electricity for self-consumption and selling to the grid. The biggest advantage of installing solar rooftop is that they provide cost saving and obviously reduce electricity bill efficiently.

Solar Farm

A solar farm, also known as a solar power plant, captures solar energy directly using solar cells, which are also referred to PV (photovoltaic), and transform it into electrical energy.

Solarcell Reference

One example of solar panels installation on the rooftop.  The solar panels will produce electricity and connect to the electricity distribution system of Electricity Authority MEA or PEA.  The system will use as much of the solar electricity for self-consumption from the power of solar panels on the rooftop.

How to install solar panels: seven main steps

  • Site survey by GPS
  • System design by computer software to ensure efficiency and accuracy.
  • System calculation to obtain a maximum electricity output.
  • Price offer
  • EPC installation
  • 1-year installation warranty with technology transfer
  • Practical guidelines for PV system maintenance


Product Item : SOLAR PANEL 320 WATTS

Product Specification :

  • Made with high efficiency mono crystalline solar cell
  • Electrically matched to minimize losses
  • High performance and reliability.
  • Low iron and high transitivity glass is used for strength and high power output.
  • Each raw material such as EVA, glass and back sheet is procured from the most reliable and proven sources.
  • The laminated modules are framed with a strong, robust and corrosion resistant aluminum frame.
  • Easy installation

Product Item : PV-ezRack End Clamp, Standard 35 mm

Product Specification : Solar Roof : End Clamp, standard 35mm

Product Item : PV-ezRack Splice for ECO Rail

Product Specification : PV-ezRack Splice for SolarRoof